Strathvale Furnishings Upholstery Workshop, based in Forfar, Angus, Scotland

Renovation of Chairs and Sofas.

Using the finest Scottish leathers, we also re-cover in
"World Wide Leather" when required.

Why renovate?

Some of the work we did for 'Bar10' in Forfar Many customers just love their seating! Older types of chairs and sofas have a strong frame and are normally in good condition, so why buy new when you can re-cycle?

You get the chance to choose leather from Andrew Muirhead that is known World wide for superb quality.

We can uprate the foams and padding or change worn out feather cushions for new reflex foam with feather wraps.

All leather leaves our workshop with protection cream applied and most customers are given a Leather care kit. The picture to the right is by kind permission of Bar 10 in Forfar of the new Cabinet Rooms where we covered the bench seating in leather to match the downstairs sofas.

Seat from Morgan peddle car reupholstered by strathvale furnishings
  This is a seat from a Morgan peddle car.
It seems these cars were sold in Harrods London.

Front seat from Ford Zodiac, reupholstered in Norga Hyde
This one is for a Ford Zodiac.
We had to almost completely rebuild from
the springs up. Covered in Norga Hyde.

Damaged leather couch before professional re-upholstering by Strathvale Furnishing
Dog attack on left hand and middle cushion of corner unit.

Fully restored couch, following attack by family dog, in top quality leather.
Damaged sections recovered in world wide leather.

20+ years old and slightly worn out, this armchair waits to be be re-upholstered by Strathvale Furnishing.
20 years old and slightly worn out.

One of a pair re-covered in Engleston Ginger leather now looking like brand new courtesy of Strathvale Furnishing
One of a pair recovered in Engleston Ginger from
Andrew Muirheaed. Re-padded as required and the
frames re-coloured in satin black.

Cushion tops from a 2 seat sofa in sad condition
Cushion tops from a 2 seater in sad condition.

New leather matched by Strathvale Furnishing revives this once tired sofa.
New world wide leather matched and fitted.

Danish reclining armchair, leather faced with cracking vinyl all round
One of a pair of Danish recliner chairs, these were
leather faced with vinyl all around the frame
which was cracking.

Fully re-covered Danish recliner chair, finished in top quality Sateen Burnt Plum leather.
Re-covered in Sateen Burnt Plum.

Old sofa with arms and head rest areas full of grease needs attention from Strathvale Furnishing
Arm and headrests full of grease.

Fully re-upholstered sofa in high quality Sateen Tan leather completed by Strathvale Furnishing
Re-upholstered in Sateen Tan Leather
and returned to Buckinghamshire.

Ercol chair with worn out leather before restoration by Strathvale Furnishing
Ercol chair with worn out leather.

Ercol chair re-upholstered by Strathvale Furnishing in gorgeous Sateen Cirus leather.
Re-covered in Sateen Cirus leather.



Stripping down a beautiful old chair to the frame before a full rebuild by Strathvale Furnishing
Stripping down a beautiful chair to the frame.

The Provost's chair & foot stool after rebuild by Strathvale Furnishing
The Provost's chair and foot stool.
The wood work was repaired and brought back to life
by Albannach Carpentry.
Re-covered in Scottish leather, retaining as much of the
original horse hair padding as possible.
Picture by kind permission of Auchterarder Town Hall.



Aero Upholstery Pictures by kind permission of Tayside Aviation
Aero Upholstery

Front and back seats fitted with new foam and upholstered in Sateen leather, all conforming to Aviation regulations.
Front and back seats fitted with new foam and upholstered
in Sateen leather that all conform to Aviation regulations.
Pictures by kind permission of Tayside Aviation.

Pair of 40 year old Mini van seats before re-covering by Strathvale Furnishing
Pair of 40 year old Mini seats

Transformed seats following work by Strathvale Furnishing in Sateen black leather with grey piping
Re-covered in Sateen black leather with grey piping

Bespoke arm rest for an Audi TT finished in Sateen black leather by Strathvale Furnishing
Bespoke arm rest in Sateen black leather,upholstered to
customers specifications and fitted into an Audi TT.

Harley bike seat re-covered in Sateen Black leather with Poppy red piping
Harley Davidson seat re-covered in Sateen Black leather
with poppy red piping.

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