Strathvale Furnishings Upholstery Workshop, based in Forfar, Angus, Scotland

Fabric renovations and re-covering using quality fabrics


Sofas and Chairs

Why renovate?

Many customers just love their furniture! Older types of chairs and sofas have a strong frame and are normally in good condition, so why buy new when you can re-cycle?

The sofa repaired and renovated as required and recovered in
fabric from the folium collection by Villa Nova

You get the chance to choose from a large selection of fabrics from well known manufacturers such as:- , J Brown, Voyage, Linn Bowman, Kirby House, Villa Nova, Moon and Kobe etc.

There is no rush to make a choice as you can take our fabric books home and choose at your leisure.

We can uprate the foams, padding, springs etc or change worn out feather cushions for new reflex foam with feather wraps.

We will guide you through the process of having your furniture transformed, giving advice on what fabrics are suitable.

Armchair in desperate need of reupholstering by Strathvale Furnishings of Forfar
In a right bad state

Gorgeous armchairs beautifully reupholstered in voyage fabric by Strathvale Furnishings of Forfar
Renovated and recovered in Voyage fabric

A neglected and unloved sofa before getting some desperately required attention from Strathvale Furnishing.
This sofa had been stored in a grain store and had to be almost taken back to the frame and rebuilt. New springswere required
on the roll back and modern horse hair materials used to bring back to life. No money was found but we did find 5 dead mice.

A striking and elegant example of the difference Strathvale Furnishing can make to old furniture.

Recovered in Seamoor Velvet with Moon Plaid
with matching scatter and bolster cushions

Elegant oak dining chairs retro fitted with foam and lovingly reupholstered
Oak dining chairs retro fitted with padded seats and
padded backs.

Full set of oak dining chairs upholstered in customers own fabric
Re-covered in customers own fabric  to match the decor.
Inside and outside backs have renaissance nails around the
fabric inserts.

One well loved, but worn out chair, legs have been stripped
back and restained.

Brought back to life in Villa Nova Folium, 2 of 8 going
to a new Hotel in Edinburgh  24 Royal Terrace.

20 year old sofa with a worn out look

Brought back to life.

A neglected and unloved armchair waits for the expert workmanship from Strathvale Furnishing to work their magic and totally rejuvenate this sad chair.
Just about as bad as it can get.

An example of the professional workmanship carried out by the skilled tradesmen at Strathvale Furnishings in Forfar, Angus, Scotland.
Totally rebuilt and covered in Moon fabric

A rather tired armchair in need of professional reupholstering by Strathvale Furnishing in Forfar.
Worn out fabric needing brought back to life

A totally rejuvinated armchair with a bold pattern and striking colours - another successful transformation by Strathvale Furnishing in Forfar.
Brought back to life using Villa Nova Folium collection

Faded and worn fabric on this comfortable armchair in the process of a complete stripdown by Strathvale Furnishing.
Stripped down

A modern and fresh look brought about by Strathvale Furnishing in Forfar have revived these favoured armchairs. Using modern designs and fabrics, these chairs look totally at home in a 21st century home.
Brought back to life, recovered in Moon fabrics
from the new Dales Autumn and Spring collection

smallstool with remnant fabric and matching scatter cushion.
Just a simple stool top with matching cushion

kitchen bench seating with firm foam made from chipfoam and medium density foam topper with dacron wrap.
Kitchen bench seat that has 2 inch of chip foam
with a 1/2 inch topper of medium density foam
with a dacron wrap.

A four piece suite reupholstered by Strathvale Furnishing in Forfar, using new springs and medium density foam.
Designed into 4 pieces
No problem getting through small doorways
or narrow stairs. The base has double cone springs
which will not sag and the back frame has zig zag
springs fitted. All surfaces are covered with
medium density foam.

Sofa transformed by Strathvale Furnishings with bold colours and a striking pattern.
Bolted together.
Seat cushions made with reflex foam with a dacron
wrap, back and side cushions have a fibre fill
Stool/coffee table made to match

f0415b Before
20 odd year old suite 3 + 2 + 1.


Given a new fresh look with extra fillings to the cushions
and new seat foam.

Strathvale Furnishing completed this bespoke bench seating and matching tub chairs in a bold purple and gold pattern for Fasque House in Fettercairn to the customer's delight.
Bespoke bench seating

Made to fit joiner built frame and upholstered in
Villa Nova fabric with tub chairs re-covered to match.
Pictures by kind permission of Fasque House, Fettercairn.

Modern style bench seating and tub chairs upholstered in floral Villa Nova fabric by Strathvale Furnishing for Fasque House, Fettercairn.
Bespoke bench seating
Made to fit joiner built frame and upholstered in
Villa Nova fabric with tub chairs re-covered to match.
Pictures by kind permission of Fasque House, Fettercairn.

Tired and plain looking armchair before transformation by Strathvale Furnishing.
Slightly worn plain fabric
Pictures by kind permission of Fasque House, Fettercairn.

A beautiful armchair with dazzling colours and bold pattern after re-upholstering by Strathvale Furnishing.
Re-covered in Villa Nova Fabric
Pictures by kind permission of Fasque House, Fettercairn.

Curved window seating with matching chairs at the library in Kirriemuir.
Window seating for Kirriemuir Library
Images by kind permission of Angus Council.

bedroom furniture renovations to an exceptional standard using beautiful fabrics. Bespoke Headboards
Emperor bed 7ft high by 7ft 6inches wide deep buttoned with the base upholstered to match. Our customers design and joiner built to our specifications.
Pictures by kind permission of Fasque House, Fettercairn.


Motor Home

Interior fabric recovered throughout, cab seats also recovered, new style seating foam fitted.

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